Session 2-2: Good Practices

Good Practices in Changing Schools

Facilitator: Youp Kilkens
(in Dutch or in English depending on workshop participants)

Schools face high demands and challenges in digital age today: Enterprises, parents and also the whole society articulate more and more requirements for school education to prepare the pupils for future life. In addition, global communication and social media are increasing the speed of information processing as well as the need for horizontal key competences such as media literacy and critical thinking.

In this workshop, we will introduce the participants to three good practices how changes happened in schools. We will discuss their introductions, required efforts and achieved impacts that the good practices have caused.

First example is the establishment of the Agora and Niekée schools in which LINQ 2019 is taking place: They were designed and introduced through a long-term vision and philosophy for learner-centered school education.

Second example is the collaboration of external partners from business and society to improve the transit of the pupils out of the schools into enterprises, universities or vocational education.

Third example is the introduction of new learning technologies for school education: Augmented reality is used for learning about cultural heritages that are not accessible or not available anymore.

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