Plenary Session

LINQ 2019 in the Morning

09:30 – 10:00
Registration with Coffee

Enjoy a relaxing start of the conference!

10:00 – 12:00
Plenary Session with Keynotes

The plenary session will introduce and discuss our LINQ 2019 topic “Innovative school education for sustainable development” with you.

Christian M. Stracke, General Chair LINQ Conference

Official Opening
Theo Bastiaens, Rector of the Open University of the Netherlands

National Agency, European Commission Erasmus+ Programme (tbc)

Confirmed Keynote speakers are:


Halszka Jarodzka, Open University of the Netherlands

Keeping an eye on learning: How eye tracking can help us to understand and improve learning & instruction

See more about her keynote and CV here


Jan Fasen, Agora and Niekée schools

Innovative School Education: How we have established the Agora and Niekée Schools

See more about his keynote and CV here


Dirk de Boe, Teacher and author for school transformations

Transforming Schools by putting students in the centre of their learning process

See more about his keynote and CV here